If you are looking for work or a better paying job, you can receive employment counseling support at North Marin Community Services, including:

  • Help for filling out a job application
  • Assistance for writing a resume and cover letter
  • Information about online job postings to help you look for or apply for a job
  • Assistance for setting up an email or LinkedIn account
  • Coaching and training about how to handle a job application interview
  • Information about other employment related support or job training services in the community
  • Guidance about how to apply for educational or training scholarships
Most of our employment counselors are bilingual in Spanish and English.  You can access this kind of support by talking with a case manager or scheduling an appointment with one of our volunteer employment counselors.

To support you in searching for a job, you are also invited to use our employment counseling hub during client service hours that includes several computers and access to a telephone, printer, fax, scanner and copy machine.

For more information, please call 415-897-4147 

Our Success

Last year, we assisted 175 people with employment and financial planning assistance.


North Marin Community Services provides resources to help you find out about education opportunities and job training programs that could help you earn more money.  Our case managers have many years of experience in helping people identify their interests and then helping them find educational or job training opportunities.  Frequently, our staff members are able to help you find out about how to apply for a partial or full scholarship for training programs to help you pursue a better paying career.

If you are interested, please call to set up an appointment with one of our knowledgeable, bilingual case managers to find out if you may qualify to enroll in our Thriving Families Program.

To schedule an appointment, please call 415-897-4147