Program background

Elementary School Enrichment Program

Childcare Elementary School Enrichment Program

Our Elementary Enrichment Program provides academic after-school support in an inclusive, safe and nurturing environment for youth K-8th grade.

Our Elementary Enrichment Program provides a safe and nurturing environment where our students learn and grow with one another. Children participate in fun engaging activities that help them further their learning, as well as receive academic support in math, science, language arts, reading, writing, and history.

We help each child discover and explore something that is deeply interesting to them. A skill or a vocation or a passion for something that fills their futures with meaning and fuels their quest for knowledge. We guide students to proficiency in the 21st-century skills of critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration and ensure that students are developing good academic habits. We increase students’ social and emotional skills and decrease their likelihood of engaging in risky behaviors through research-based and age-appropriate curriculum with topics including self-esteem, bullying, peer relationships, and emotional management, providing an overall foundation for social and school success.

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