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Emergency Rental Assistance

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Emergency Rental Assistance for individuals facing a hardship or crisis, in order to prevent homelessness.


The Emergency Rental Assistance, Prevention and Stabilization Program is part of NMCS’s Case Management family of services and provides one-time financial support primarily to Novato residents who are at risk of losing their stable housing or who need help with securing a deposit for housing.

The program is open to all persons without discrimination based on race, creed, color, religion, sexual orientation, age, national origin, disability or family status.

We are currently experiencing a higher volume of rental and financial assistance requests. Please understand that all calls will be placed on a waitlist, and a case manager will contact you in the order your request is received. 

Actualmente estamos experimentando un mayor volumen de solicitudes de alquiler y asistencia financiera. Comprenda que todas las llamadas se colocarán en una lista de espera y un administrador de casos se comunicará con usted en el orden en que se reciba la solicitud.


The Emergency Rental Assistance, Prevention and Stabilization Program serves as a last resource for applicants, recognizing that an accident, job loss or other unforeseen crisis can impact any household, placing them at risk for homelessness. This resource is critical in supporting our community.

The goal of the Rental Assistance, Prevention and Stabilization Program is to prevent homelessness: providing support through case management, planning, and linking applicants to resources to support towards self-sufficiency. Case management staff will review eligibility with participants.

To find out how you may be eligible for Rental Assistance contact our Administrative Coordinator at 415-897-4147 or

Para saber cómo puede ser eligible para asistencia de alquiler, comuníquese con NMCS al numero 415-897-4147 o

Partner Funding Updates

Important messaging from our partners regarding Funding Updates around the Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) which is administered by Community Action Marin, in partnership with the County of Marin. Apply before 8/1! 

Currently there is approximately $1.7 million in funding remaining to be disbursed, which may not be enough to serve the over 300 applications pending under review and on the waitlist. The waitlist will close August 1. In the absence of new funding for the program, existing funds will be prioritized for payment in rank order as follows:

  • Applications under review: at lowest income level below 30% AMI OR those with an eviction notice for up to 3 months of assistance, then
  • Waitlist applications: at lowest income level below 30% AMI AND those with an eviction notice for up to 3 months of assistance.

Please click here to see the news release made by County of Marin and Community Action Marin.

Actualizacion de nuestros socios

Mensaje importante de nuestros socios con respecto al programa ERAP, que es administrado por Community Action Marin en asociación con el condado de Marin. Solicite antes del 1 de agosto.

Actualmente ERAP tiene aproximadamente $1.7 millones en fondos para atender las más de 300 solicitudes en revisión y en lista de espera. La lista de espera se cerrará el 1 de agosto.

Haga clic en el enlace para ver el comunicado de prensa conjunto entre el Condado de Marin y Community Action Marin.

Rental Assistance for Past-Due Rent

Our case management team can support in submitting applications for back rent due between April 1, 2020 through the present and provide case management to residents. Support can include submitting documentation to your application and answering questions regarding your application status or process. Subtenants may be eligible to apply. Call to schedule an appointment: 415-897-4147 ext 0.

Asistencia de alquiler para alquiler atrasado

Nuestro equipo de administración de casos puede ayudarlo a enviar una solicitud para asistencia para el alquiler que este atrasado entre el 1 de abril de 2020 a el presente. El administrador de casos lo puede apoyar en enviar documentación para su solicitud y contestar preguntas sobre el estado o el proceso de su solicitud. Los inquilinos que rentan un cuarto o quien su nombre no está en el contracto pueden ser elegibles. Llame para hacer una cita: 415-897-4147 ext 0.

people remained in their homes and out of homelessness with rental assistance last year