Legacy Circle

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You can ensure your values and intentions live on to benefit future generations by including North Marin Community Services in your will or estate plans.

North Marin Community Services is an established nonprofit organization that has helped more than 200,000 people since 1972. We are committed to empowering the youth, adults and families in our diverse community to achieve well-being, growth and success. Our vision is to create a strong community with opportunities for all.

If you share our commitment and vision for the future, we invite you to leave your legacy and include North Marin Community Services in your planned giving. Your investment will ensure that future generations in our community will benefit from North Marin Community Services’ work to provide opportunities for all in years to come.

Leaving a Legacy

Individuals who wish to be partners in the future of our mission can make provisions for North Marin Community Services in their estate plans – either by will, trust, life-income gift or other planned giving arrangement.

Enrolling is easy. Simply advise the North Marin Community Services that a testamentary provision has been made. The size of the gift need not be disclosed. Legacy gifts can take many forms:

· Bequests in wills or living trusts;

· Life income gifts through a charitable remainder trust, pooled income fund or gift annuity;

· Retirement plan beneficiary designation; or

· Life insurance beneficiary designation or retirement assesses.

We encourage you to contact your tax advisor, financial advisor, or attorney when making your plans.

Everyone, regardless of income or whether you have dependents, should have a will. There are free resources you can access to make your will. Freewill.com is a great example.

Benefits of Membership

As a thank you for your future investment in our work, donors who have notified us of their deferred gift arrangement will become members of our Legacy Circle. Our Legacy Circle honors the supporters of tomorrow that make this most thoughtful and personal gift. As a thank you, we will invite you to attend key events as our guest.

We understand that some people may wish to remain anonymous. Unless you choose to be anonymous, we will plan to list your name in our annual report and in the Legacy Circle Honor Roll that will be displayed in our Center. We will also send you a Legacy Circle Certificate of Enrollment, and a membership lapel pin that you can proudly wear to signal your deep and personal commitment to North Marin Community Services’ mission.

Feel free to contact Stephanie Williams, Director of Development, for more information at 415-892-1643, ext 261, or donate@northmarincs.org. Thank you.

Guardian Circle

Knowing that we can count on you each month helps direct funds to our programs.

Leadership Circle

We invite you to make a significant impact with our major donors.

Corporate Sponsors

We are truly grateful to the businesses that support this impactful work.

Heart of the Community

Your investment of $1,000 or more per year makes a difference.