In honor of Rick Wernick, Board & Advisory Board Member Emeritus

We greatly appreciate Rick’s dedicated 30 years of volunteerism that so helped many children and families. From 1989 through 2019 Rick served on our Board of Directors, Advisory Board and Finance Committee; in addition to serving as Board President from 2011-13. As a board member, he was passionate about ensuring that all children have a strong start in life and access to early childhood education programs.

In February 2019, he told us, “The Novato Youth Center and North Marin Community Services have allowed me to associate with many fine people, for which I am the better. You, my other fellow Board members, and the community leave me humbled in what you do for Novato”.

Make an honor donation to our ECE Program to honor Rick’s legacy.

On March 2, 2016, when Rick transitioned from our Board of Directors to the Advisory Board, the School Age youth presented following speech to Rick as a thank you for his dedicated service to our community.

We are from the School Age Enrichment Program and here today in recognition of Rick Wernick’s service on the Board of Directors. We would like take a moment to tell you about why Rick’s contributions have been so meaningful. Rick, we will do this by describing your personal attributes using your first and last name:


R is for Reliable, because you have always been quick to respond to an email, phone call or attend a meeting
I is for Immaculate, you are always so spotless and professional in the way you dress
C is for Colorful, for some of the more lively conversations and comments you bring to the table
K is so knowledgeable, your knowledge of the insurance industry has helped us protect our employees and volunteers


W is for Willing, you have always been willing to wear many hats to support the needs of the Board, including serving as Board Vice President, President and on the Finance, Governance, and HR committees
E is for Emeritus, for continuing to serve on our Advisory Board and Finance Committee after your Board service is complete tonight
R is for Rewarding, knowing that your commitment to the Center has made a difference
N is for Neighbor, you live and work locally and have always been willing to include the Center in your networks of people
I is for the Immense passion that you have for our mission and ensuring youth receive essential services
C is for Caring, for all of the hours of care that you put into volunteering
K is for Keen, your keen wit has helped long committees be more lively and fun
W is for Wealth, which describes your willing to raise funds so that essential services are available to youth and families in Novato

Thank you Rick for your dedicated service to the Novato community!
(say all together and lift your jazz hands)!