Novato Promotores Program

The Novato Promotores  Program is a volunteer program that trains and engages natural latino community leaders who are trusted and embedded in the existing community infrastructure. It is a powerful way to bridge the English- and Spanish-speaking communities. Promotores serve as connectors between the often monolingual community of which they are a part, to health services and community engagement. While each community and organization shapes the Promotor(a) model to fit their own specific needs and strengths, Promotores in Novato have identified the issue of underage drinking and other drug use as their primary concern.Promotores Latino Leadership

There are two focuses that the Novato Promotores support: helping to reduce youth alcohol use and addressing the mental health needs of un/underserved communities. By connecting, training and supporting Promotores to engage in community efforts, they use environmental prevention strategies, policy change and parent engagement strategies to reduce youth alcohol use. Promotores work very closely with the Healthy Novato Initiative and other partners:

  • Build on the leadership skills already developed by Promotores so that they may effectively engage in advocacy work
  • Work with community partners to reduce youth drinking and driving
  • Host cafecitos (coffees in promotores’ home) with parents to discuss underage drinking, social host laws, and action they can take to reduce/prevent youth drinking

To address the behavioral health needs of un/underserved communities and to increase access to substance use services for Spanish-speaking women, the PEI Promotores Project increases the capacity of promotores (community health advocates) by:

  • Providing emotional support to Latinos
  • Connecting people to resources and referrals

Download Promotores Program Information

For program information, please contact Berta Campos-Anicetti, Latino Services Director
415-897-4147  x31

For emotional support referrals, please contact Silvia Albuja, Promotores Coordinator
415-897-4147  x19