Ruthie Reeder, Child Development Program Director

Ruthie Reeder was born in San Francisco and raised in Novato from kindergarten through high school. She attended Sonoma State University and earned a BA in Spanish with extensive studies in Early Childhood Education (ECE). She worked for the Novato Youth Center as the Novato School Readiness Coordinator for 6 years and was promoted to the position of Child Development Program Manager in 2015. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Education with an emphasis in ECE at Sonoma State University. Ruthie is thrilled to be able to provide the best possible level of education and development to North Marin’s most precious asset, its children.

Ruthie has two teenage sons who were also raised in Novato; one son is a junior in high school and her other son is in college. Ruthie loves to travel to Hawaii on a regular basis to visit family and to soak up the sun. On her free time, Ruthie enjoys riding her road bike through the backroads of Marin and Sonoma or hiking the hills of Marin with her fiancé Jeff or with her girlfriends. Her most recent accomplishment was conquering a grueling, high-altitude 44-mile segment of the Pacific Crest Trail in three days. Her next planned challenge is biking 500 miles along the Camino de Santiago in Spain.