Advocacy & Equity

As part of our strategic direction, we are committed to advocating for policies and services that benefit underserved communities and promote racial justice. Our staff and board members stand in solidarity with groups and organizations in upstream approaches that influence policies and legislation, change organizational practices, foster coalitions and networks, and educate providers.

Our inclusive programs consider communities of color, and how all families may have been adversely affected by childhood experiences in the context of community environments. These environments include poverty, discrimination, violence, lack of opportunity and more. The Building Community Resilience Pair of ACEs model helps us understand how education, programs, advocacy efforts and coalitions can change the trajectory of health and life outcomes. We align with the priority to ensure people have their basic needs met and can move from crisis to stability and achieve sustained success, while addressing underlying root causes that foster systemic inequities.

Using an advocacy framework, we use tools that include: education, public awareness campaigns, participation in public forums, community organizing, coalition-building, and community mobilization. Our current advocacy priorities include: End Child Poverty in California, Census 2020, Voter Registration, COVID-19 Renter Eviction Ban in Marin County and Employee Paid Leave Rights, and racial justice.

End Child Poverty in California

Census 2020: Everyone Deserves to be Counted 

COVID-19 Renter Eviction Ban in Marin County:  Know your rights 

COVID-19 Employee Paid Leave Rights

Register to Vote

Racial Justice

North Marin Community Services (NMCS) stands as an ally in solidarity with those who are advocating for racial justice to eliminate systemic racism. We add our voice to the call for action to repair systems of inequity in our community, create opportunities for Black Americans, and all communities of color, to receive fair treatment in education, housing, employment, and health care. In solidarity, we are holding space for individuals who have been impacted by social injustice and historic police brutality.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, racial disparities in health care, employment, and education are increasing as more people of color contract the virus. This only reinforces our commitment to support marginalized communities and champion action now.

This is the time to call out racism, identify discrimination, and rectify systemic obstacles and inequities that interfere with Black Americans having the same opportunities to become as successful as White Americans. We reaffirm our commitment to address racial inequity in support of our clients, staff and volunteers, and community.

We will listen, learn, and act. We have a role as allies, to acknowledge that historical injustices have adversely impacted our African American neighbors, to be courageous and identify policies that continue discrimination, and to fight for long lasting social justice.

Thank you for supporting our actions to build an equitable community for Black Americans, Brown Americans, and all marginalized communities.

Strategic Direction and Organizational Values

Our three year (2019-22) Strategic Plan guides our work. Our four goals include: (1) A growing community of inspired and engaged donors, volunteers and staff; (2) A quality and sustainable mental health program that builds community wellness; (3) Respond to and meet the unique needs of immigrants and Spanish speakers, and (4) Expand prevention efforts to increase equity and effectively advocate for and with the underserved.

We serve as fiscal sponsor to Not in Our Town Novato – a movement to stop bullying, hate and racism to build a safe and welcoming, inclusive community.

We are proud of our five organizational values that guide our daily work performed by our dedicated staff and volunteers:

(1) Collaboration and Teamwork: We are better together. We foster partnerships in order to utilize each other’s strengths and perspectives, generate and share new ideas, and use available resources to best serve the community.

(2) Cultural Competence: We embrace, respect and include people from diverse populations and our services are utilized by, and are accessible and helpful to our community.

(3) Excellence: We deliver exemplary programs that make a meaningful impact on community needs and the families we serve through our passion and commitment to our daily work.

(4) Integrity: We are honest and ethical in our work. We model the good behavior we teach others, and we act in the best interest of our stakeholders.

(5) Learning and Continuous Improvement: We foster a learning environment through curiosity, education, experimentation and evaluation, in order to grow and be better at what we do.