John’s Story

John (name changed to protect client confidentiality) was referred to the Novato Teen Clinic by a neighbor who noticed his struggle. When he arrived, he met with one of our experienced case managers. John had symptoms of depression and advised he was feeling isolated and hopeless about his future. Our case manager provided a warm handoff to one of our on-site therapists for same day mental health services. She also referred John and his family to necessary supports to address the family’s food insecurity and housing needs.

John received weekly brief therapy with one of our licensed therapists, where he was able to identify and achieve goals related to strengthening social connections, reducing depression, and increasing career readiness. His family became a client of our weekly food pantry and received emergency rental assistance as well.

Since his first visit to the Novato Teen Clinic several months ago, John has reported significant improvements. He has a new group of friends, a plan for his future, hope in his heart—and he has even started taking classes at a local community college!